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  • March 31, 2022 12:38 PM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    NLBA Board Recommends Security Camera Installation to Complete Uptowne Work

    A proposal to spend the remaining Uptowne money to purchasing security cameras covering most of the Caledonia Street is in the early stages of moving forward. 

    The NLBA is the fiscal agent of the funds raised for the Collective - a rebranding effort for Old Town North / Caledonia Street that slowed to a halt before the pandemic. As the fiscal agent for this group the NLBA Board has held the money awaiting a project to spend down the approximately $7800. 

    With concerning recent criminal activity on the North side, the NLBA is moving forward with purchasing cameras that tie into the police system via cellular and provide 360-degree coverage. The cameras are approximately $3000 each. 

    The Uptowne Funds will buy the first two. We are seeking members thoughts on purchasing additional cameras for the North side, starting with greater coverage near the Caledonia Street. We would expand coverage based on funds raised and police input on where coverage is needed most.

    Learn About Downtown La Crosse's 79 Cameras and How They Help

    HERE >>

  • February 04, 2022 8:11 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Building off of the hard work of Nick Roush, who served as the NLBA president for six years, Kaley Jacobson took over as President at the 2022 annual meeting.

    Kaley is the General Manager of Events & Operations at Pogy's Catering and Pogreba's Restaurant.


    Where did you grow up?

    I was born in Brookfield Illinois and lived there until I was seven! We moved to Rockford Michigan for a short three years, and then ended up in Madison, Wisconsin until I went to college. 

    What path did you take to get to your current position?

    I went to school to be a doctor and ended up with a biology and communications major! I worked at Target in the pharmacy department for 16 years and decided I needed a change! Josh Pogreba, owner of Pogy's & Pogreba, was a friend and this opportunity just sort of fell into my lap! 

    What do you love about your job? 

    There are never two of the same days at my job! Each day presents itself with new challenges and opportunities! I get to work with amazing staff and clients on a daily basis! As a catering business, we have continued to grow our clientele base with continued regular clients and new clients each year and I am lucky enough to be able to develop and nurture those relationships. Pogreba Restaurant will be  celebrating our 11th year in business and that has been such a rewarding experience to be a part of that growth. Since covid we have seen a huge surge of new customers who have fallen in love with the restaurant on the north side and that has been extremely rewarding! 

    What do you look forward to with the North La Crosse Business Association?

    I have been a part of the NLBA for 7 years and every year I have seen new growth and excitement for us as an organization! I think we have done amazing things and am so excited for our new path forward! I am hopeful that we can continue to grow our member base and be able to implement our subcommittees to really help promote and support our fellow Northside businesses! 

    How can people help make that happen?

    Get involved!! That is the absolute best way to be a part of the NLBA's growth!! Join a committee, attend the meetings, and volunteer! Be an advocate for your fellow small business owner!! We always welcome new faces to the meetings and love to hear everyone's story and how we can help! 

  • February 04, 2022 8:06 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    The North La Crosse Business Association is seeking administrative support to help volunteers move our initiatives forward. This is a contract position, not an employee.

    Proposals are due February 14, 2022.


      We are a nonprofit, business organization that creates collaboration between business and community for the betterment of all. Our mission is carried out by our membership, community, volunteers, and by local government collaboration – making community events, future development, and our Northside businesses successful.


    • Working with volunteers and board of directors
    • Event planning
    • Marketing strategy creation & implementation (eNewsletter preparation, social media planning and creation)
    • Ability to strategize and implement a membership growth plan


    Board Agenda Preparation, Meeting Attendance & Minutes Taking

    3 hours/month

    Committee Work for three-one-hour meetings a month:
    Agenda Preparation, Meeting Attendance, Minutes taking and + post-event work (some committees do not meet every month)

    5 hours/month

    Monthly Membership Meeting (first Wednesday of the Month at 8:00 a.m. at the Black River Beach Community Center): Agenda Preparation, Attendance, and an estimated two hours post work including

    3 hours/month

    NLBA Marketing Creation & Posting on at least a weekly basis

    2 hours/month

    Accounting (Weekly Transactions)

    3 hours/month

    Membership Strategy Creation and Implementation resulting in growth of membership

    2 hours/month


    Please submit your proposal no later than February 14 to .

  • February 04, 2022 7:46 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    The North La Crosse Business Association held its 2022 annual meeting in which the following board members were elected:

    • Scott Neumeister (1st three-year term)
    • Elaine Yager (2nd three-year term)
    • Tami Plourde (2nd three-year term)

    They join the following board members:

    • Kaley Jacobson (elected President) - Read more about Kaley >>
    • Dan Kapanke (elected Vice-President)
    • Kevin Zagrodnick (re-elected Treasurer)
    • Derek Kubicek (re-elected Secretary)
    • Derek Mueller
    • Vicki Markussen

    With the changing of the membership dues in 2021, the NLBA has more money to put towards advancing its key programs:

    • Continuing and enhancing the Lights Over North La Crosse event that puts lights into Copeland Park
    • Implementing the Highway 53 corridor improvement pan
    • Promoting the North Side of La Crosse in social media

    To assist our hard-working volunteers, the NLBA voted to fund an administrative position with a Scope of work outlined here >.

    Membership Renewal Time

    The NLBA is currently in the renewal process for the 2022 dues. If you have not paid your membership dues, please go here > and sign in.

    REMEMBER: paying by check keeps hundreds more dollars going towards our mission versus.

  • October 26, 2021 3:37 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    How to Connect with Students

    URGENT: An opportunity now to talk about what you do

    The School District is seeking speakers for their virtual Academic Career Planning (ACP) on December 21. Most speakers currently are not local! They want people who are relatable - who have walked a different path to get to their successful career. Contact Britta below. 

    "We have a number of different ways that businesses or groups, whether it's local nonprofits, or military or others come in and access our kids."  -- Tony DePaolo, Logan High Associate Principal

    1. Set up a table during lunchtime on what you do
      kids can stop by and ask questions about what you do, get information, build connections, and you can get your contact information to them
    2. Connect with Matt Gordy (La Crosse Promise) whose goal is to connect students to careers. Examples he can help with:
      • Lunch & Learn to talk about your profession and business
      • Job shadows
    3. Create a Club. Ex. Rotary's Interact Club (service-focused) or the Educator's Rising Club (to promote pursuing teaching). The students have time on Wednesdays and Thursdays to meet with their club, at least monthly. Required: a staff advisor + outside co-partner
    4. Program Engagement. Work with the Archicitechture, Construction and Engineering (ACE) or Health Science Academy where students learn hands-on about a career.
    5. Summer Job Openings: Call their office. They will do what they can to get the jobs in front of students.
    6. TIP: Ask a teacher - particularly one who teaches close to what you do - to connect with students. Ex. Restaurants = Family & Consumer Education teacher
    7. Smaller time-commitments or donations: Be a guest speaker in a class, partner for an event they host, donate an item for their program that provides incentives for kids to learn,  or suggest working with students in some way. Ranger Renaissance recognizes academic achievement and had a sampling of different foods one year.

      Ex. Ruth Kapanke with the Loggers goes to Northwoods Elementary to help promote reading with “getting around the bases” with prizes at each base and tickets.

    with the School District:

    Anthony DePaolo
    Associate Principal
    Logan High School

    Britta Rotering
    Supervisor of Career & Technical Education, School District of La Crosse

    Another Contact

    Matt Gordy
    Futures Center
    Logan High School

    Matt assists students find a career and complete the steps to get there -- ex. applying for school, federal aid applications (FAFSA), organize tours, etc.

    Go Beyond Name Recognition,
    Build a Future Employee with On-the-Job Students

    "One of our goals is to bring more [career certificate trainings] to our high school programs ... so students are trained at a higher level or in a specific pathway if they choose at the time they graduate .... The other piece that we're missing is work-based learning." -- Britta Rotering

    Examples of certificates offered include AutoCAD, SafeServe (food), nursing assistant, EMT.

    Rotering is new to the district after building a growing apprenticeship program elsewhere. There are more than 65 opportunities for students to work in businesses during class time. Required: one person in the business to work with the student + one on-site visit by the school.

    They currently have 10 students waiting to work in businesses who can work portions of their school day.

    “This is an opportunity to grow your own," Rotering said. “Get a student who's interested in the pathway, who's taken our courses, who's looking for a next step."

    She said ideally, the student stays in their position in your company and advances within it.”

    Rotering points to Ashley Furniture's successful model last year with 13 apprenticeships in IT, finance, human resources, engineering, international business, and more.

  • September 09, 2021 7:34 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Development is moving forward on part of the ten-acre site just north-east of Menards in La Crosse -- a property known as being by the former La Crosse Rubber Mills and called “Former Trane Plant 6".

    La Crosse City Planning Director Andrea Trane reported the northern-most four acres will see 146 market-rate apartments and 14 owner-occupied condos. 

    The City created a TIF District [see explanation below] to help with developing the area. 

    “We hope to begin October 4,” said Paul Borsheim, with Borton Construction at the NLBA meeting. Borton Construction is a partner in the development.

    “This brings this land into play [vacated] since 2013 and gets much needed housing on the site,” said Trane.

    Borsheim said they are researching the viability of senior housing for the southern-most portion of the land, “So far, it's looking favorable. The Northside has 22% of the population and only 3% of senior living.  Many people want to remain here. It's likely going to be a combination of types of senior-care units. We continue to look for ideas and opportunities.”

    Borsheim explained that Hagar Street is getting extended to provide north and south access to the property. 

    When asked by Jerry Swim with the Lower Northside Depot Neighborhood group about how they will communicate the information to residents around the property, Borsheim said they will hold neighborhood meetings.



    A TIF is a tax-incremental-finance district. It is one of the City's few tools to encourage development of commercial properties within set areas.  As properties improve, their tax base increases. While the pre-improvement property taxes still go into the City's general fund, the community places increased revenue due to improvements into a segregated account for a period of time (ex. 20 years). The City uses these funds to pay back infrastructure improvements (roads, sewer, parks, etc.) or other improvements in the designated district.

  • September 09, 2021 6:54 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Many eyes sit on Bridgeview Plaza, on the City's Northside, for improving the entrance to the community. The strip mall was formerly home to Shopko along Hwy. 53 and I-90. 

    City of La Crosse Planning Director Andrea Trane stated the new, local owners of this property are working through some long-term lease issues in hopes their vision can become reality. 

    “This is identified as a significant node as part of the Highway 53 plan," said Trane. [see related story]. “We created a TIF to provide financial incentives to ensure this happens.

    A TIF is a tax-incremental-finance district. It is one of the City's few tools to encourage development of commercial properties within set areas.  As properties improve, their tax base increases. While the pre-improvement property taxes still go into the City's general fund, the community places increased revenue due to improvements into a segregated account for a period of time (ex. 20 years). The City uses these funds to pay back infrastructure improvements (roads, sewer, parks, etc.) or other improvements in the designated district.

  • September 09, 2021 6:26 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    One block of Caledonia Street between Clinton and St. Paul Streets could become a historic district if an application with the state goes through. 

    Tim Acklin, La Crosse City Senior Planner, stated at the NLBA meeting in September. With the designation comes zoning regulations for this section as wall as, Acklin stated, “Allows [businesses] to apply for state and federal tax credits as they fix the exterior of their building and upgrades.”

    To read more about the district, read the La Crosse Tribune article.

    Acklin can be reached at (608) 789-7391 or

  • September 09, 2021 6:04 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    As the North La Crosse Business Association (NLBA) is advocating for funding to improve the Highway 53 corridor, Tim Acklin with La Crosse's City Planning attended the September NLBA meeting to provide an update. 

    The City Council approved the plan in 2018 after several NLBA members, residents, and others participated in an 18-month planning process. The result -- the identification of pockets, or “nodes”, for enhancement opportunities on the City's Northside. The group believes these nodes will create a ripple effect to surrounding properties upon development. Bridgeview Plaza was one of the top priorities. 

    The City looks to the NLBA to champion and implement the plan, which can be found here >>. Two requests for funding have faced funding challenges with the City.

    UPDATE: the City reported that funds allocated in the past are still available, although some projects have pulled from the allocated funds. The NLBA will be meeting to spend the money.

    Tim Acklin can be reached at 608.789.7391 or

  • September 09, 2021 5:00 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Julie Emslie attended the NLBA September meeting as leading the economic development area inside the City of La Crosse City Planning Department.

    Julie's goals: grow local businesses, facilitate expansion, and recruit outside businesses to locate in the City of La Crosse to increase the quality of living, add well-paying jobs and grow tax base.

    She highlighted business opportunities for growth: 

    If folks are ready to apply, they should email Dave at the Mississippi River Regional

     Planning Commission to request an application: MRRPC is facilitating the applications for the City of La Crosse (and the wider region). Along with a completed application, applicants will be required to submit an Acknowledgement Letter from an authorized body, to which the City of La Crosse qualifies. I am happy to assist with this portion of the application.

    Application for Northside Façade Improvement Grants:

    Julie can be reached at 608.789.7393 or


To create collaboration between business and community for the betterment of all.

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