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  • June 15, 2024 7:58 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Northside Pool likely to close as soon as next Summer without funding

    The North La Crosse Business Association is seeking your help encouraging La Crosse City Council members to re-introduce improvements to the Northside pool, located at Logan Middle School, back into the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

    The NLBA needs strong neighbors to be strong businesses, and vice versa. The pool provides:

    • a safe, positive, low-cost activity for our children and our families. 
    • a quality of life reason to purchase homes on the Northside, especially families
    • an affordable provider of swim lessons
    • active, health living option for families and seniors
    • a safe alternative to Black River Beach that no longer has life-guards and has safety concerns for children
    • a place where our small, locally owned businesses can send their children for positive activities while they work

    We encourage you to send emails sharing your stories of how you use the pool and attending in-person by Monday, June 17 at 6:00 PM:

    • by email (goes to all council members): 
    • in person: Monday, June 17 at 6:00 PM, Council Chambers . Attend and register your opposition on the sign-up. TO SPEAK: You will have about three minutes to present if you arrive and sign up to speak. Info >>


    The Northside pool needs approximately $1 million in repairs including a new pool liner and a roof to the building. WIZM News covered the needs well here >>. While the need for improvements was identified several years ago, funding for the Northside pool was moved last year to Erickson Pool, which is closed this summer for repairs. 

    Each year the City evaluates its capital improvement plan (CIP) - i.e. its budget for large improvements. They must balance the projects with what fits into the current tax base. Often it is CIP projects that increase the taxation rate. . The CIP process assigns costs and timelines to identified projects, moving projects in relation to its impact on the tax rate.

  • April 16, 2024 7:33 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Three Great Changes to Bring a Friend in May & Everyone Wins!

    Our first ever membership drive will reward you for bringing prospective members to two great events.

    Bring a prospective member to any and if the join, get Inaugural, Opening Night tickets to the La Crosse Steam (Women's Softball) at Loggers Field as part of NLBA night PLUS be entered in a drawing for $100 Pogreba's Gift Card.

    Opportunity 1 on May 1: Learn about How Artificial Intelligence Can Transform Your Business here >>

    Opportunity 2 on May 6: Meet-Up at The Blue Zone (indoor pickleball) in Bridgeview Plaza here >>

  • April 16, 2024 6:26 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)


    buy a ticket, give a ticket to Support the First Game of the La Crosse Steam (Women's Softball)

    + Raise Funds for Logan High School Scholarships

    The North La Crosse Business Association is once again collectively attending a game with tickets including a hat, food and a beverage.  Proceeds benefit scholarships at Logan High School. 

    Can't attend? Donate & we'll give tickets to Boys & Girls Club or Logan softball players.

    TO DONATE: email us at and we'll invoice you $20/ticket.

    Saturday, June 15th
    Game Time: 6:35 PM | Gates Open: 5:30 PM
    Madison Softball vs. La Crosse Steam


    1. Go to
    2. Click on the “Tickets” drop down & click “Buy Tickets Now”
    3. Type “NLBA” in the promo column & click “Find Tickets”
    4. Select your desired seats
    5. Using the drop down, select if you would like a hat or not with the ticket.
    6. The default will be hat included.
    7. Continue with checkout as normal, tickets will be emailed as a PDF
  • April 16, 2024 6:03 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Bring Moon Tunes back to the Northside

    How do we help the Northside thrive? By bringing people having fun and patronizing businesses on the Northside for music! The second annual Moon Tunes Northside is back at Loggers Field / Copeland Park. 

    It is through sponsorships that this event happens. Please consider donating to make this event happen.

  • April 16, 2024 5:56 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    PhotoHelp two Teachers Assistant Develop

    Northside Elementary reached out seeking professional mentors for two of its teachers assistants - one male and one female. This school is vital to helping our Northside thrive and developing our teachers is just one component. Meet with one of these individuals outside of school hours. Help them grow as a professional. Through your gifts, you create a stronger teacher so he and she can use their gifts.

    To help contact:

    Jenna Anfang, Community School Coordinator
    Northside Elementary/Coulee Montessori
    1611 Kane St

  • April 16, 2024 5:47 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)


    Fundraiser for Former NLBA President & Sports Nut Owner Chris Olson

    June 8, 2024
    11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    The Sports Nut

    or give now online >>

    [From his Go Fund Me page]

    In January of 2022, Chris Olson, received a devastating diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Later that year, he received a revised diagnosis of MSA-Parkinson’s. MSA-Parkinson’s is a rare condition causing symptoms similar to Parkinson’s. It is a progressive disorder that damages the nervous system and currently, there is no cure for MSA-Parkinson’s.

    On behalf of Chris Olson, friends and family are hosting a benefit on June 8th, 2024 at the Sports Nut from 11am to 10pm, to raise funds for various adaptive & supportive equipment to provide Chris and his care team with those items crucial to his safety, continued mobility and to support his daily routine.

    Chris is a Veteran of the US Navy, a former La Crosse City Council member and local businessman that has served his community for many years. We are asking for your generosity to help support our wonderful friend, Chris. If you're unable to donate financially, please help us by spreading the word and sharing our GoFundMe!

  • April 08, 2024 7:39 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    DOT Seeks Feedback on Highway 35 Improvements

    Highway 16 & Highway 53 discussions also coming

    The Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation presented why its looking at slight changes to Highway 35 - the entire stretch from North to South. Much emphasis was placed on improving safety just south of West Avenue. Their only expected property acquisition is for sidewalk modifications at corners for ADA compliance -- but stay tuned for further developments as the project progresses.

    Slides are available here >>

    The projects website is here >> 

  • September 23, 2022 10:00 AM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    A New Vision for the Park

    There are several options for how Copeland Park could be used that came out of planning efforts that began by the City of La Crosse in March of 2022. ISG was challenged to repurpose the park, which was built in 1876 using designs from landscape architect John Nolen (of Madison fame). Over the 140+ years, the park has transitioned from its original large community lawn, extensive planting beds, and tennis courts.

    The park plan's new purpose: 

    • Set a vision to guide long-term development and improvements for the park.
    • Ensure the park's features and amenities reflect the needs and wants of the community.
    • Help ensure long-term financial and ecological sustainability of the park.

    On August 16 a review of the plan emerged.

    The prior public input process pinpointed its use as open space, recreational resource, a neighborhood park, and a destination. 

    Common Themes: 

    • The Park is an important community resource and gathering space that is in need of overall updates and enhancements. 
    • Logger Field is an unique amenity and regional destination. Any future plans should support its continued use.
    • Improve infrastructure and amenities to support large community/regional events in the Park. 
    • Create pedestrian and programmatic connections to the river front.
    • Diversify Park amenities to support all-age, all-ability, and all-season use.
    • Improve lighting, Park circulation, and other infrastructure to support user safety and deter unwanted behaviors such as vandalism, bathroom break-ins, and drug use.
    • Remove and replace highly used but out-of-date park amenities—including playground and restrooms—to meet current safety and sustainability standards. Remove picnic pavilion.
    • Improve trail and pedestrian connections and crossings. Particularly, address trail under Clinton Avenue overpass.
    • Remove or redesign parking and vehicle circulation along Copeland Park Drive.
    • Plan for ongoing and future flooding concerns along Copeland Park Drive. 

    Plan Recommendations

    To better support the diverse uses of the Park in coming years, primary improvements of the Master Plans should include:

    • Creating inviting and clear Park entrances and wayfinding
    • Improved site circulation and trail connections, including new sidewalks, connections between site amenities, regional trails, and ADA accessible routes 
    • A new restroom close to highly used amenities—splash pad and ball fields
    • Flexible open-space and gathering areas to support large and small-scale community events
    • Expanded play-area for all ages and abilities within the heart of the Park
    • Updated infrastructure (flexible seating, restrooms, utilities) to better support events and performances, as well as everyday use • Areas for passive recreation infrastructure (walking paths and benches) and views of nature within the Park
    • Removal of unused or out-of-date Park features
    • Expanded green-infrastructure and ecological features to support the health of the adjacent river

    Additionally, the Park’s unique features—such as the Logger’s Ball Park—are regional draws. The Park could be designed to support larger group gatherings or expansion of event activity.

    Various Use Proposals Presented

    Consultants, ISG, presented four alternatives. The options include layouts for a "light touch", River Walk, Riverside Pavilion, and Community Fair. There are plans for winter activities and flood mitigation.

    See the plan here >>

  • August 01, 2022 3:08 PM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Photo Courtesy: UW-L

    We continue profiling the board members leading the North La Crosse Business Association.

    1) Who: Tami Plourde

    • Pearl Street Brewery - Sales/Marketing
    • On3 Print + Design - Owner
    • Sprout For Kids Foundation - President

    2)    Why do you love the Northside? What makes you Northside Proud?

    I love the people. Collectively, their love and passion for the Northside is contagious. I love the businesses. I feel like they are so roll-up-the-sleeves kinda folks. My kind of people. I feel like things are real up here.

    3) Why do you feel it’s important to be a part of the North La Crosse Business Association?

    I think peer support is paramount to a successful and thriving business community. We can’t be our own islands. And there is always great things to learn from each other. I also like the opportunity to works with our fellow businesses within the community. To give back. It always comes full circle for everyone.

    4)    Give a little detail on your background (college, high school, other fun facts)

    I graduated from UWL in 1998. I’m an English/Psychology major… which just means I’m good at talking for a living :) I’m originally from Lakeville MN but I’ve lived here longer than there. But still won’t give up my allegiance to the MN Vikings… Sorry not Sorry!

    I love this area. I live down on the river in a houseboat all year ‘round with  my partner, my kid, my dog and my cat. Doesn’t get more rustic than that!

    5)    Do you have a nickname? And if you do, how did you get it?

    I’ve always been called PLOURDE. Until I moved here. And still after 25 years… I sometimes forget to answer to Tami. Also, my internal office name is Queen of F*cking Everything… But this title doesn’t always fit on a business card ;) and how did I get it? #duh

    6) Favorite Food of All Time?

    Oh man… don’t ever ask me to try and whittle my list down to ONE! I WILL say this… LOCALLY made food is always my favorite. But I’m a foodie and will go to the ends of the earth to try something new. Ethnic Street Food is probably my biggest goal every time I travel.

    7) Do you have a useless talent we should know about?

    Theme parties… I throw them. I throw them a lot. And well what can I say… I’m starting to make a name for myself in that arena. Albeit… there aren’t that many names in that arena so…

    8)    What are your hopes for the north side?

    We face many challenges up here when it comes to floodplain, increasing crime and community need. My hope is that our community within a community never loses the mission to serve each other first, and that we will always come together with the common goal to make this area the best place for our kids, families, and businesses. #weare54603

    9) How can our NLBA members and community help make your goal for the Northside a reality?

    Join. Join. Join! We need more bodies. We need more energy. Never give up. Together… we can!

  • July 04, 2022 8:30 PM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

    Get To Know Your Board Member

    Elaine Yager

    Broker/Commercial Property Manager

    Why do you love the Northside? What makes you Northside Proud?

     The people

    Why do you feel it’s important to be a part of the North La Crosse Business Association?

    I hope it encourages people to be the change they want to see, community involvement, giving back, it’s something we can all take pride in.

    Give a little detail on your background (college, high school, other fun facts)

    During Christmas, I put on my “Mrs. Claus” hat and Santa and I enjoy the season. You will find us at Rotary Lights every chance we get. Currently on the following committees/Groups:

    • City of La Crosse Planning Commission

    • City of La Crosse Community Development Committee

    • New Museum Task Force

    • Rotary East

    • (with NLBA) - HWY 53 Steering Committee.

    Do you have a nickname? And if you do, how did you get it?

    Lainey’, it was given to me by a dear friend many years ago.

    Favorite Food of All Time?

    Vanilla Ice Cream, the topping possibilities are endless.

    * Yes, ice-cream is a food

    Do you have a useless talent we should know about?

    I’m sure I have a few, none that are worthy of sharing.

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