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Meet NLBA Board Member Tami Plourde

August 01, 2022 3:08 PM | Vicki Markussen (Administrator)

Photo Courtesy: UW-L

We continue profiling the board members leading the North La Crosse Business Association.

1) Who: Tami Plourde

  • Pearl Street Brewery - Sales/Marketing
  • On3 Print + Design - Owner
  • Sprout For Kids Foundation - President

2)    Why do you love the Northside? What makes you Northside Proud?

I love the people. Collectively, their love and passion for the Northside is contagious. I love the businesses. I feel like they are so roll-up-the-sleeves kinda folks. My kind of people. I feel like things are real up here.

3) Why do you feel it’s important to be a part of the North La Crosse Business Association?

I think peer support is paramount to a successful and thriving business community. We can’t be our own islands. And there is always great things to learn from each other. I also like the opportunity to works with our fellow businesses within the community. To give back. It always comes full circle for everyone.

4)    Give a little detail on your background (college, high school, other fun facts)

I graduated from UWL in 1998. I’m an English/Psychology major… which just means I’m good at talking for a living :) I’m originally from Lakeville MN but I’ve lived here longer than there. But still won’t give up my allegiance to the MN Vikings… Sorry not Sorry!

I love this area. I live down on the river in a houseboat all year ‘round with  my partner, my kid, my dog and my cat. Doesn’t get more rustic than that!

5)    Do you have a nickname? And if you do, how did you get it?

I’ve always been called PLOURDE. Until I moved here. And still after 25 years… I sometimes forget to answer to Tami. Also, my internal office name is Queen of F*cking Everything… But this title doesn’t always fit on a business card ;) and how did I get it? #duh

6) Favorite Food of All Time?

Oh man… don’t ever ask me to try and whittle my list down to ONE! I WILL say this… LOCALLY made food is always my favorite. But I’m a foodie and will go to the ends of the earth to try something new. Ethnic Street Food is probably my biggest goal every time I travel.

7) Do you have a useless talent we should know about?

Theme parties… I throw them. I throw them a lot. And well what can I say… I’m starting to make a name for myself in that arena. Albeit… there aren’t that many names in that arena so…

8)    What are your hopes for the north side?

We face many challenges up here when it comes to floodplain, increasing crime and community need. My hope is that our community within a community never loses the mission to serve each other first, and that we will always come together with the common goal to make this area the best place for our kids, families, and businesses. #weare54603

9) How can our NLBA members and community help make your goal for the Northside a reality?

Join. Join. Join! We need more bodies. We need more energy. Never give up. Together… we can!


To create collaboration between business and community for the betterment of all.

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