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North La Crosse

Business Association

Dedicated to growing businesses on the Northside

When you join the North La Crosse Business Association, you're becoming a member, not a subscriber. Membership is more than a subscription.

A subscription is an individual transaction between you and a company to receive a product or service. You’re likely charged monthly, and something of value arrives.

A membership is much more. It’s a relationship formed on a shared interest. You become a critical component to the success of the organization that you are joining — part of its brand and character. The organization works to meet the collective, long-term needs of its members. Because you share these beliefs, you help move the goals of the organization forward. You give back to the community you joined through time, expertise, participation, and attendance.

Three Levels of Membership

1) Members

Membership as you've always known it. Join the North La Crosse Business Association and get that focus on being the voice for the north side, providing scholarships for students at Logan High School. You will still be uniting with your neighboring businesses at monthly meetings and enhancing the north side. 

2) Supporters

Join the NLBA members AND help put lights in Copeland Park for Lights over North La Crosse.

3) Champions

Small, local businesses form the “vibe” of our community. The pandemic hit us the hardest. A robust community needs vibrant, local businesses. We are also the hardest hit by government decisions. Our Champions help us form a proactive voice for what is needed to keep greater La Crosse thriving through strong, locally owned businesses. They help us identify the barriers to thriving businesses and help us remove them. We'll ramp up our communication and our social media — both for fellow businesses to see and so the community is aware of the value of small businesses.

4) Corporations

For large employers where recognition is less why you support the North La Crosse Business Association, but want to invest in our good work and mission.

What Champions & Corporations Help us Achieve

Gain a voice in government

Small, local businesses are the most impacted by what happens in our community. We don't have the resources to monitor and react as individual businesses to what's happening in city, state and national government. By uniting, we can be a pro-active voice for how proposed fees, regulations, taxes, assessments and costs will impact the very businesses that make this are vibrant.

Increase your visibility in the community

As a new member, you will be listed on this website, the e-newsletter, and on social media. You also can grow your business by advertising and sponsoring events.

Promotion and publicity of small local businesses

We continue the work we began with our Get on Living Safely Campaign #golsWI -- connecting the public with small, local businesses that are members.

Stay connected to resources

Our communication can connect you to new businesses , information impacting your company,  up-and-coming  events, and opportunities.


To create collaboration between business and community for the betterment of all.

PO Box 402, La Crosse, WI  54602-0402


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